Glazer Children's Museum

A 53,000 square foot learning laboratory located in Tampa, Florida.

Glazer Children's Museum

While learning is often formal and playing is for fun, the Glazer Children’s Museum encourages children to play with purpose in an interactive learning environment.

For all grown-ups with a little-learner who chooses to play with purpose, the museum provides an interactive learning laboratory with professionally curated programs in a safe, warm and nurturing space. Glazer Children’s Museum, made possible by a generous donation from the Glazer Family Foundation, gives your little-learner accessible, personalized opportunities to imagine and explore their potential as they grow up. Our little-learners are valued, resilient, and inspired to create their future!

Please consider making a donation to the Glazer Children's Museum.

We could not be more proud of the Glazer Children's Museum, which has been voted one of the top Children's Museums in the country.